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Gavdos Beaches – Tripiti

Gavdos Beaches – Tripiti

Tripiti Beach 

The beach at Tripiti is reputed to be the most southerly point in Europe.

To get to the beach it is either 4k hike along rocky tracks in the heat of the day, or by small boat from the harbour at Karave.

When you arrive here you will see a sculpture of the huge chair which stands at the top of a rocky outcrop and can be reached by a stiff climb.

Tripiti Beach Gavdos - the big chair

Tripiti Beach – the big chair

When we visited Gavdos a wrecked fishing boat had been left on the beach following the arrival of refugees from North Africa, remember this island is in the Libyan sea!

The walk back from the beach up to the nearest Taverna in the heat of the day can be very hard going, there is little or no shade so take it easy and make sure you have plenty of water with you!

Gavdos beaches – paradise…

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